November 2013

Weather-wise November began brightly and deteriorated rapidly.  I started the month taking advantage of the good weather to go Myrdalsvatnet, which I hadn’t visited previously, before a lot of evening work gave me the opportunity to get some night shots in the city-centre.  I rounded off the month with a visit to Bergen aquarium and the Lysfesten on the last day of November…

Myrdalsvatnet on a sunny day in early November.
Lovely warm autumn colours at a cold but sunny Myrdalsvatnet.
A dull day by the local lake but you can see the leaves are disappearing rapidly.
Parking by a restaurant, Bergen style.
Kjøttbasaren lit up on a wet night.
Balls by Picasso.
Christmas lights on Strandgaten.
Penguins having fun at the Bergen Aquarium.
The Green Iguana wasn’t quite so lively but just as fascinating.
Lysfesten is the traditional end of November festival of lights in Bergen although it was a very wet festival this year.
Torches and lights at Lysfesten.
Fireworks rounded off the Lysfesten before I retired to the pub to dry off.


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