October 2013

October was a busy month both for work and photography.  Some decent, sunny autumnal days meant I was able to get out and about around Bergen and capture what autumn colours there were in a poor year.  This month also included a trip back home to Scotland and some longer walks through some areas of Bergen I hadn’t been in with a camera before…

October began still fairly green but some nice autumn colours were to be found.
Some floral brightness was still around in the shape of this wild rose.
Some reddish colours were found by the lake.
A couple of sunny days allowed me to get back to Kanadaskogen.
A cold and sunny morning by Sælevatnet.
Not a breath of wind at Straume.
After our trip to Scotland I took a look around Nygårdsparken in the city centre.
Some of the trees were at the height of their autumn display.
I continued around Store Lunegårdsvatnet behind Bergen city centre.
On the way back into town I stopped by the Assistentskirkegård.
Walking through the city centre with autumn colours on the slopes of Fløyen above.

The trip to Scotland.

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7 thoughts on “October 2013

  1. Aye–your October was so much nicer that ours. At the time I was fixing up the shed and have vivid memories of doing much of it in temperatures hovering around 0. I was thinking at the time that I should wait for the cold snap to freak. Good thing I did not as it did not 🙂 I brought youngest son for a short visit to the orthodontist earlier this morning and on the way there was listening to a local AM radio station. The announcer started off one part by stating, in all sincerity, “Temperatures will warm up to -9 today as the snow moves in.” Lord save us! UP to -9!
    At any rate it’s nice to see some real autumn colours, even if we cannot have them.
    Still raining your way?


    1. Still pouring. Wifey’s just gone off to work looking very sexy in her rain gear!!!! No sign of a let-up any time soon either. Temps have only been below zero once or twice so far here – very un-Norwegian – and just that one decent snowfall which lasted all of 48 hours before melting in our mild temperatures. Grey, mild, dull, rainy – in a word, dreich! 😀


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