June 2013

June started out with some lovely weather and was a good time for taking some summer photos.  We were also treated to a visit from the Queen Mary II in Bergen harbour…

Gamle Bergen
A visit to Gamle Bergen open air museum at the beginning of June.
The sun streaming through the trees by the local lake.
Sankt Hans Aften is the name of the longest day and is celebrated with bonfires and a booze-up.
The Queen Mary II in Bergen harbour.
Enjoying the summer weather in Festplassen.
A hike in the summer warmth up to Krokatjørna in Kanadaskogen.
A rose on a rainy day at Breistein.
A beautiful summer’s day at Breistein, just outside my workplace.








13 thoughts on “June 2013

    1. I’d imagine it looks a bit different Maurice but I haven’t set foot outside for two days now. A bit ‘dreich’ I’d imagine. Have you been having a fine ol’ time over there today?


        1. Good for you! I don’t know if you sent any Beaver Piss Wkisky over here but if you did it was never received. I presume some Norwegian customs dudes got a bit pished! Anyway, never mind, I managed to get some (very expensive!) Haggis Piss Brew instead when we went to visit Dear Old Dad on Monday and when my grandkids called me a ‘lady’ ‘cos I was wearing the kilt! All good fun 😀


    1. Thank you very much indeed JF and a wonderfully happy holiday period to you too. PS I cannae wait for the summer to come rolling round again! 😀


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