February 2013

Some of my favourite photos from the past year.  Today, February…

A really bright sunlit day in a snowy Kanadaskogen.
The marina at Straume with snowy mountains behind.
The bridge connecting the island of Askøy to the mainland.
A small bay and island at Milde.
Admiring the view at Milde.
Tangled, sunlit forest near Krokatjørna.

21 thoughts on “February 2013

    1. Thank you very much Lori. It’s not exactly a unique idea but I liked the thought of taking it month by month finishing up on the last day of the year. Thanks for your continuing support 😀


    1. I just wish I could get back there but it’s so wet and miserable here it’s pointless. Bring me sunshine and snow for Christmas Anna! 😀


      1. Well…for the next 10 days Moscow is gonna be between -2C and +2C, with rain and clouds. So…you might be barking up the wrong Christmas tree 😉


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