Flowers II

Yet another featureless, dull, grey day, so back into the archives again for another look at some of the gorgeous flowers seen back when the weather was nicer, the days longer and the colours brighter…

A bright yellow star in the summer.
Tiger colours amid the greenery.
Snow white bloom.
Beautiful blue Hydrangeas by the lake in the park.
Pink and purple Fuchsia in the museum gardens.
A floral spear in the dying light.







11 thoughts on “Flowers II

      1. OH, I know that moment so well! When the dark winter months come I constantly crave for colour and light, I start working on photos from last spring or summer which I haven’t had time to convert yet and so on…


  1. I recognized some of the flowers from my own garden. Thank YOU so much for more color! I’ve been immersed in my flowers and the grey doesn’t seem so bad. (smile) Your Gift is amazing, Mjollnir. Again, you do not disappoint.


      1. I do the same – always keep some shots back from the Spring/Summer/Autumn to post during the long Winter months. Off up to Orkney for Christmas though, so should hopefully have some shots from that trip to share in the New Year 😊


        1. You’re quite taken with things up there (I should say down there I suppose!) aren’t you? I remember some of your previous posts from there so I’ll look forward to seeing some more 😀


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