Now that we are fast approaching the shortest day of the year, which is pretty short this far north, and we are stuck with never-ending wet, dull weather here in Bergen, I thought I’d take a look back in the archives and post some more pictures of the beautifully coloured flowers I saw this year…

A wonderfully bright lily petal.
Orange gerbera daisies we had in the house back in the spring.
Tulips which were a gift for Mrs Mjollnir.
Pink roses brightened up the house earlier this year.




9 thoughts on “Flowers

      1. Yiveh they were colorful! Bright is what I needed today! And you delivered! Still grey and snowing here……..and more snow to come…..we are getting buried……


          1. Good. We can get cheered together. I may take up drinking again……hehehehehe This is ONLY December and I have got to get to MARCH before I see warmth again. Brrrrrrr……Don’t get me wrong. White it pretty. But MONTHS of it? Grrrrrrrr………


  1. Wow. At this time of the year, you might need to attach a warning to your photos. The bursts of color are like turning on a bright light in a dark room–they shock the system. The flowers are gorgeous and vivid and bright–I love them.


    1. Thanks very much Mike. I just needed some cheering up with all the rotten, grey, dreary weather here. more to come later today so look out your shades! 😀


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