Bob Shrub

I am not a person who reveals too much of my personal life on the blogosphere/internet, and for me that is as it should be.  The nicht though I had a wee bit of a revelation.  If ever I needed positive proof that I made the right decision three years ago when I moved to Norway it happened tonight when my lovely wife went on that new-fangled interthingie and purchased two tickets for me ‘n’ her to see the incomparable talents of Mr Robert Plant at his forthcoming gig in Bergen this summer.

I could not be a happier wee Scot in Norway.  Many years ago I had the pleasure of seeing Mr Plant and his fellow band-members in Led Zeppelin play at the Knebworth festival in England – 1979 it was if you’re calendar watching –  and that was one of the highlights of my life.  Now I get to hear the aforementioned rock ‘n’ roll legend in the company of my beloved.  That’s my Crimbo pressie.

Happy doesn’t even begin to describe how your humble wee blogger feels.  Jorunn, I love you…

robert plant photo: Robert Plant RobertPlant102.jpg

robert plant photo: ROBERT PLANT robert-plant.jpg

robert plant photo: Robert Plant RobertPlant104.jpg

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27 thoughts on “Bob Shrub

  1. Glad I read the whole article, here’s me thinking it was a series of portraits of you. Well your Blog Rocks so that puts you out there with the SuperStars. It is so amazing when the best gift in your life gives you the best gift at Christmas. Have a wonder filled time and tell us all about it!


    1. Thank you very much for that my dear. I may be a soppy old git but I do love her. There may well be a few photos snapped on the mobile come gig time 😀


  2. Flashback!!! OK, since we’re feeling confessional today, I once painted a Led Zep cooler for a high school science project. What a great present! U r very lucky!


    1. Thanks Tootle. It’ll take more than a few measly decades to make me outgrow my love of rock music although to be fair to Robert Plant there’s a lot more than just that in his repertoire.


  3. Do ya have a bit of room perhaps in one of your pockets for wee me? OH, what I would give to go to this concert. Yur one lucky fella, havin’ a wife as you do. What a downright yummy pressie.


    1. If you’re 4 inches tall I’m pretty sure you’d fit in my pocket and I’m sure it’ll be a memorable gig. And, yes, I’m a lucky boy 😀


  4. NAwww, that’s sweet. I found out that zero personal imput makes people less fond of my blog… so I don’t go revealing myself or my friends but I still put my personal interpretation on things. Loving the pictures you are posting of my beautiful home county 🙂 Can’t wait to go through Bergen on my way home this weekend! Wheee!


  5. I’m at home today. Been doing some contract work of late and have had to let reading/writing blogs slide. That and frigging Christmas, of course.
    Today, though, I have had to toss down the paid work as I am waiting for someone else to finish reviewing my work done to date so I can get on with he rest of it. Decided to catch up.
    I don’t follow that many bloggers but the ones I do, I truly enjoy the read. I located the ones I needed to and opened them in other browser tabs–it’s more efficient that way, and besides I get a preview.
    I saw the opening line that said you would get a bit more personal than usual this time, and saw Plant.
    …and thought “Christ–Iain used to have something to do with Zeppelin”! “Did he tour with them or something???” Then decided to save that one for last.
    So, I was a bit disappointed to learn that you did not tour with the guys BUT do share your love for the music. The band was one of the best things that happened to music at the time. It brought it in what I always figured was a good direction.
    Still is. The convert will be wonderful.
    I do wish the guys would play here…


    1. Hahaha. Sorry to disappoint you Maurice. No I didn’t tour with Zep, but in the dim and distant past I could’ve shown Percy a thing or two in the abundant wig stakes! Despite the passage of time I still adore Zep’s music and in particular some of the re-workings done by P&P on ‘No Quarter’ and the ‘Celebration Day’ release.


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