Gimme Sunshine

After the snowfall came the return to rain.  It’s stopped much in the way of recent photography and has me hankering after the wall-to-wall sunshine we had on our summer trip to the Balkans…

Blue skies over the mountains of Albania.
Ripening wine-to-be just outside the front door in Kalmabaka, Greece.
An old ruin in the Balkan sunshine (and that’s just the guy taking the photos!)
Beautiful Balkan Blooms.

19 thoughts on “Gimme Sunshine

  1. Again, your work leaves me breathless! Thank you!

    As for crawling the walls…..right there with you. I haven’t seen the sun in I don’t know when. This gray is driving me nuts! No wonder I have been throwing gray out among my clothes. I am beginning to detest that color. I like you require COLOR.

    Ahhhh… that I got that off my chest! I am again diving into your photos……and drink deeply…..

    Lady P


    1. Desperately seeking solace may be more accurate. Haven’t read your post yet today but I doubt if SW Scotland is any worse than us weather-wise. Our wee snowy interlude last week has been our only respite in weeks now.


  2. You should come to Paris…we have had nothing but sunny days for the last 2 weeks and the forecast is for more of the same for the coming weeks…I guess we are hugging it to ourselves and not leaving anything for anyone else…nice pics (Suzanne)


    1. I’d love to come to Paris again but it may have to wait a couple of years as we’ve got trips to Iceland and Istanbul lined up for next year 😀


  3. ‘The wall-to-wall sunshine’ 😀
    Fabulous pictures from the Balkans, Mjollnir.
    I once went by train from Bar to Mojkovac. I must say I’m impressed by those mountains. But then I’m not from Scotland 🙂
    Have a great weekend,


    1. Ah yes Danmark is a bit on the flat side isn’t it? We had an absolutely fabulous time down there. Lots of pictures from there in my posts in August 😀 Thanks Hanna.


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