Snow Ducks

No, not some bizarre new species, but rather the local mallards during the recent heavy snowfall here.  Some kind-hearted folks had brought out some food for them so quite a few were gathered around the bridge over the stream near the house.  They may be well fed and somewhat plump ducks but they did look a bit cold…

The gathering beside the bridge.
It didn’t take long for them to find some food and start bickering.
A drake sits there looking a bit cold, face covered in snow.
He quickly found it a bit too cold for sitting around.






13 thoughts on “Snow Ducks

  1. Lovely shots, and so much snow….it’s really mild over in a Scotland at the moment….8 degrees, very unseasonal, but I suspect that your ducks would like it better. They do look rather cold 🙂


  2. In the first picture I can just imagine one of the ducks looking accross the bridge and saying to another “Look thurs no ducks” Of course they would have to be Glasgow ducks otherwise the joke wouldn’t work.


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