First Serious Snowfall

As the title suggests we’ve finally got rid of the dreadful rainy weather we’ve been suffering here for ages.  This has been replaced by a deep covering of snow.  Around 6-8 inches (15-20cm) had fallen before I went out today but this was the result of some severely stormy weather yesterday and overnight.

I took a quick jaunt round the local lake this afternoon and it’s amazing how a decent covering of snow can completely change the most familiar of landscapes…

A small creek near the lake becomes a snowy wilderness.
Can you tell which way the wind was blowing?
The snow continued to fall as I took this familiar shot across the lake.
The view across Fyllingsdalen from higher up with the lake just to the right of the yellow house.
The forest transformed into a world of black and white.
Even the local troll looks a bit cold!






37 thoughts on “First Serious Snowfall

      1. Det samme her i Danmark. Der er store oversvømmelser over hele landet og man taler om en 100 års historisk hændelse. Det indre af vores hovedstad, København, er ved at blive oversvømmet.


        1. Same over the whole north. Someone died yesterday in Scotland when his truck was blown off the road and there were thousands of homes without electricity.


      1. It’s great to hear, Mjollnir! Ironically, I was nervous for Norway, and now half of Denmark is under water and people are being evacuated en masse.
        There are storm surges.


          1. Jeg tror det, men det vil vise sig i morgen. De billeder vi har set fra mange af de berørte steder virker helt surrealistisk. Der er sat 100 års rekord i vandstand.


  1. Oh… I really feel sorry for the local troll 😉

    Beautiful images. Especially the first one.



    1. It was a dull day with more snow on the way so the light wasn’t the best and the snow and darks trees gave it that B&W look. Thanks Anna 😀


  2. Beautiful! It’s been really cold across the US for the last couple of weeks, even here in California…although today, I was actually able to leave the door open to the 50 degree Fahrenheit weather for a while. I’m hoping California weather returns soon.


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