‘LEGAL’: Bergen Street Art – Exhibition

Yesterday afternoon I took the opportunity to visit an exhibition of street art (http://bergenstreetart.com/2013/11/legal%E2%80%A8-bergen-street-art/) at the USF Verftet (http://www.usf.no/no/forside/) exhibition centre here in Bergen.  This features the work of various artists from Bergen and further afield working in a variety of styles from intricate collage/paintings to more recognisably graffiti-ish, street themes.

The host, as it turned out, was himself one of the artists working under the name Johnxc, and hailed from north-west England so communication wasn’t as difficult as it might have been.  I found some of the artworks on display were quite humourous (notably the works containing the word ‘barnslig – pronounced barnsley – the Norwegian word for childish) while others were more obscure.  John explained that the majority of the works on display weren’t commenting on the angst of the human condition but that they, “are what they are.”

They can pretty much be taken at face value.  John said, for instance, “I’m responsible for the big, drippy things!”  A refreshingly honest appraisal when one thinks of the pretentious nonsense that is spouted in connection with modern or post-modern art.  Much kudos to johnxc for that.

I did find the exhibition to be enjoyable given the range of styles on display and the fact that there was little or none of the pretence so often associated with ‘art’.

The exhibition is open until Saturday, December 7th with free entry so if you’re in the Bergen area why not pop along for an enjoyable look at some local artworks with a touch of honesty and humour.

A big, drippy thing by Johnxc.

A selection of the ‘barnslig’ series…

Barnslig Barnslig Barnslig

A more ‘street’ theme.
Minimalist skateboarder.
A portrait by the artist Yatzy.

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23 thoughts on “‘LEGAL’: Bergen Street Art – Exhibition

  1. This is awesome! Except the angry babies…they freak me out. The rest are great! :p (Okay, the angry babies are still art…creepy art.)


                  1. LOL! Really? I was thinking that you were the sweet talker, and just too cute! I hope you have a great weekend. I think it’s happy hour here!


  2. I do love a good mixed media piece. Those “drippy things” are extraordinary! I love the variety here. I could spend endless hours there…Thank you for sharing!!


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