Bergen Aquarium: The Warm Waters

Following my visit to the exhibit containing the species native to the waters around Norway and the Northern Atlantic I then went to the tropical section which contains many exotic and colourful species native to coral reefs and other warm-water habitats.

These include several species of rays, sharks, angelfish, parrotfish and many other amazingly brightly coloured and bizarre species.  Enjoy…

A Blue Hippo Tang floats serenely along.
Sea Horse
One of the most instantly recognisable fish in the sea, the Sea Horse.
The Blacktip Reef Shark, a small inshore species from the Indian and Pacific oceans.
Rabbit Fish
A bright yellow Rabbit Fish.
An adult Yellow Box Fish.


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29 thoughts on “Bergen Aquarium: The Warm Waters

    1. Didn’t use a flash but it was a bit difficult shooting into the tanks – and the wee floaty buggers were hard to get into/keep in focus! 😀


      1. Oh, I bet they were not an easy shot. I know what I go though getting my cats in action. Sleeping is another story.

        Your shots are really good. How each frame was filled and what angle each fish was in. Poetry in pictures. 🙂

        And seeing how we have begun our “white season” my eye needs color. The eye behind the camera is thinking where do I go to get color? You are giving me ideas. Thank you again!!!


          1. You too. I am working right now on a sequence involving a “rascal called Rusty” and a hand, over at Petals Unfolding. Hehehehehehe Comic strip time! LOL

            Thanks to Apple, my pics are “scrambled” when uploaded from camera to iPad. To get all pics in the order I want …….. but to first FIND them. So, I go upon a Treasure Hunt today and when finished present laugher. 🙂


  1. You’ve got me wowing again, and grinning at your captions. You’ve got quite the imagination, and in my book, that is SO cool! I laughed right out loud “Like my blue lipstick?” and the “could ya be lunch?” . Hehehehehehehe Ya gotta a sense of humour…….NICE! LOL Such JOY you bring to my Life! Thank you!!!!


  2. I was at the Aquarium in Bergen a couple years ago, “been there, done that,” and haven’t had a real desire to go back … but your photos over these last few days show a different memory than I remember. I look forward to a return visit now!


  3. Your photos are really nice. I like fish. I go to the Shedd Aquarium here in Chicago quite often. Thanks for the like of my “Let There Be Light” post and many others.


  4. All these different fish in their gorgeous colours, shapes and sizes. What beauties and what great studies they make. Over time you have really achieved excellence with your photography.


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