Bergen Aquarium: The Northern Waters

Tuesday’s visit to Bergen Aquarium was a fascinating insight into the sealife around the shores of Norway and beyond.  The first section I visited featured some of the fish and crustaceans that abound in the nutrient-rich waters of the North Atlantic and the Norwegian Sea.

For many of us we only see these species served up with chips in the UK or on a dinner plate elsewhere in Europe and North America, so it was amazing to see them up close in something approaching their natural habitat.

The waters around Norway are some of the planet’s richest fishing grounds with huge quantities of Cod, Pollack and flatfish along with many others being caught here. At least if they are in alive and well in Bergen Aquarium we can enjoy their many shapes, forms, colours and behaviours as they were meant to be.

Enjoy some photos of Norway’s rich and abundant sealife…

Flatfish such as this Flounder are abundant in the North Atlantic.
The eel-like Ling is also found here.
This crab appears to on sentry duty.
The Atlantic Salmon is one of the most iconic species of the North.
The silvery Saithe is a common northern species.
Various species of Pollack can also be found.
Many species of Gadoids abound these waters.
The somewhat scary Wolffish.
Another flatfish here is the Topknot although it can be hard to spot.

14 thoughts on “Bergen Aquarium: The Northern Waters

  1. Thanks for a great introduction to some of the local fish. I am glad to see that you were able to get your wonderful shots from the comfort of an aquarium–the waters of Norway may have abundant sealife, but I suspect they are a bit too cold for scuba diving.


  2. All of those are known over on my side of the ocean. Not surprising, I suppose. It is a shame how the fishery is so dwarfed by the oil boom although it is giving the cod a bit of a chance to recover.


    1. There is severe depletion on this side of the pond with many species Maurice and as far as Scotland is concerned that bitch Thatcher gave away our fisheries to the Spanish so that the UK could get its rebate from the EU.


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