Bergen Aquarium

The weather yesterday was atrocious yet again so with a day off I decided it was ideal for some indoors entertainment and set off for the Bergen Aquarium set out at the very end of the Nordnes peninsula some 10 or 15 minutes walk from the city centre.

The aquarium isn’t exactly the world’s biggest but still has a great collection of both marine and freshwater fish and other animals such as the tropical section with a small reptile and arachnid collection.

Today’s photos are just a taster of the many fantastic animals to be found on display here with more to follow at a later date…

They’re not all as pretty as me you know.
The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades.
Nobody will notice me if I wear this tasteful jacket.
Those lovable Moptops.
Feeling the pinch.
I’ve definitely got the spine for this job.







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