A Fine Day for Triffids

With the rain pouring down from the heavens in sheets today, it wasn’t a day for wandering in the hills or going around town, so today’s shots are of some rather bizarre looking plants we encountered during our jaunt around the Balkans in the summer.  I present to you the Albanian Triffids, and if anyone knows what these things really are please let me know…

The Triffids move menacingly across the meadow…
Then they deploy all weaponry before taking over the planet…



27 thoughts on “A Fine Day for Triffids

  1. I can still remember the terrible effects that filled that movie! Had to read that book and watch the movie in High School. I hope they are truely Triffids, just closer your eyes during the next meteor shower.


    1. I have no idea what these things are but they are cool as &%¤#! Part of Enver Hoxha’s plot for world domination through Marxist botany!!!!! 😀


  2. Oh please let me know when you find out what this unique plant is…one of my very first blog post was …”What is this plant”. I too have this in my yard and until moving here I had never seen it! Isn’t that interesting…this plant is found where you are and where I am…worlds apart! 😀


  3. I think it might be a Verbascum flower plant. I think I have that same plant growing in my front yard. I will have to take a picture of it and show it to you to compare.


  4. OK I am back and out of breath…. You were right! Those strange plants are lethal they had me surrounded and were going to eat me! I could not get away…. than finally all of a sudden something happened to them they were not moving they appeared to look frozen and that is how I got away…………..I will never, never try to photograph that plant ever again!!


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