Winter’s Arrival

Although the official start of winter is still a month away in the northern hemisphere a couple of days ago we had our first snowfall here in Bergen.  While I didn’t expect it to last,  the temperatures have suddenly dropped and we still have some vestiges of ice and snow even at ground level.  The colours seem to have leeched away with the onset of the cold as these photos taken today at the small Lynghaug pond near the house show.  We already have that bleak, colourless look associated with winter…

Lynghaug with its shoreline drained of colour.
The almost leafless branches in this shot emphasise how rapidly autumn has passed.
The sun is already low in the sky at 14:30 silhouetting the branches of the birches.



31 thoughts on “Winter’s Arrival

  1. I don’t agree. There is beautiful color here. The depth of the color is impressive. And the dark reflection on the water. The tones are gorgeous. I love these images.


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