Rainy Bergen – now there’s a Surprise!

Last night saw Bergen experiencing one of its many downpours but the early dusk and bright lights made it look almost inviting…

Egon restaurant in the rain.
And the downpour continues.
Showroom dummies and reflections.




24 thoughts on “Rainy Bergen – now there’s a Surprise!

  1. Your first picture made me breathless. Wow! Love what you captured on film! Truly beautiful! Yes, I loved the other two as well, but I am partial to the first one.


        1. Ha Ha. Probably! I sure hope so. We have had snow tonight and I thought it wouldn’t lie but as soon as the snow was finished it froze so we have horrible icy conditions here now. On a lighter note though I was at my father in law’s flat tonight to watch the football game between Norway and Scotland. We won 1-0 but my f.i.l. was so happy because I found out today I have a full-time job beginning in January and even though we beat them at football he can be a happy old man knowing his beloved daughter is taken care of. He was a bit drunk though and cheered when Scotland scored! Lovely old gentleman! 😀


          1. Congratulations on the new job! New starts are always exciting (and a bit unnerving, but that’s okay).
            We just dodged a hammer blow here the West side of Newfoundland is feeling the weight of Mjölnir right now but over here on the far East coast we’re only expecting light rain.


  2. I had to come back here again. The light and the reflection of the light……amazing. How did you keep your camera dry? Of did you have an umbrella? Perhaps under an awning?

    WOW! and WOW again! 🙂


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