Thessalian Sun

I can’t remember if I have posted this picture before but the weather in Bergen is so depressing I thought I’d cheer myself up by reminding myself of the warmth and beauty of northern Greece.  This shot is from Meteora looking out over the northern edge of the Plains of Thessaly as the sun sank towards the mountains…

The sun sets on a beautiful warm Greek day over the Plain of Thessaly.

22 thoughts on “Thessalian Sun

    1. None! When it’s not dark it’s grey and pouring rain, but seriously at the fag end of December/early January we will around 4-5 hours of broad daylight, maybe six including twilight/early dawn but we are in southern Norway, on the same latitude as Shetland – up in the north it will be dark 24/7 for two months or more. I never thought I’d be glad to say I am a Southron! 😀


      1. Well, thanks to recent weather it’s also been dark, grey and rainy here too, though we’re set for some cold but sunny days ahead! We actually really noticed the earlier sunset just by going from Surrey to Shropshire at the weekend. I really love our seasons but I do get soooo tired over the winter months 😦


        1. Oh poor little petal – go to Spitzbergen and see sun for maybe eight months a year if you’re lucky.

          PS Wasn’t being sarcastic there! I really mean it – you’re a poor wee petal who should be living at the equator with twelve hours sun and dark and permanent warmth. You find the place I’ll book the flights (just don’t tell Mrs M!) 😀


          1. I am a poor wee lassie! If we get the opportunity we’ll move to Kos but I’ll always dream of going back to the Maldives (despite the humidity!). I’d actually love to experience the full dark of the Arctic Winter but I think I’ve gotten a bit too fragile 😦 Maybe if I were on a permanent caffeine drip?


            1. Someone once asked me, “Iain, what’s your favourite whisky?”

              Quick as a flash the response was, “Intravenous!” so I can sympathise with the caffeine bit but you must be a fine healthy lassie if you can stand to be blogging all this time! That takes stamina girl 😀

              Kisses from Norway 😀


              1. Ha! Far from it Iain. I’m a stubborn cow though so that and the art gets me through the worst of it 😉 Crohn’s and Fibromyalgia. Not a good combo! The 365 photo blogging has been a HUGE challenge and I’m so proud that I’ve managed to keep it going. Next year I’ll focus on the Weekly Challenges but give myself a bit of time to rest or work on other stuff! Right, signing off, before the cats get stroppy 😉 Nanight!


                1. G’night lovely girl, and I’m looking forward to you getting bored and beginning a whole new 365 project!

                  Anyway I’m off myself for a wee drop of Glen Intravenous for a nicht bunnet!

                  Vi snakkes, elskling 😉


    1. Yeah, nipple chaff and broken lips! lol 😉 Thank you once again darling Koko for visiting my humble efforts and for your kind words. Ha det gøy på syden, elskling 😀


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