14 thoughts on “Seizing the Sky

    1. It’s certainly not far away in this neck of the woods Lori but yesterday, instead of snow, we had torrential rain here in Bergen with flooding in parts of the town. I’d rather have wintry weather and snow than that! 😀


      1. I think that’s exactly it … once the trees are finally bare in the fall, its sort of sad … though, I suppose I need to stop thinking of winter as such a horrible thing. I am not a fan of winter … but, it’s all part of life, I guess. We take it all as it comes…


        1. Winter here can be fantastic. These landscapes draped in a sheet of snow or frosted beyond belief can be amazing. Apart from the thermal undies I’m looking forward to it! 😀


          1. Yes, I can imagine the wooded landscape around you is quite beautiful after a snow …

            What are the winters like in your part of the world? Are they the typical, deep-freeze Nordic Winter than one imagines, or are they more mild, because you’re right there on the coast?


            1. We are on the coast John so It’s not so bad. Last year we had one snowfall which was about one meter (3ft) which was groovy (in an old-fashioned kinda way). That lasted about three weeks so it was good – but then it refused to get warmer for about three months! Useless Norwegians bastids! :-


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