Idyllic Myrdalsvatnet

Some more pictures from the beautiful shores of the peaceful lake Myrdalsvatnet in the autumn sun a couple of days ago…

Panoramic view of Myrdalsvatnet.
Reflections of the golden trees in the late afternoon.
The sun filters through the trees.
Still waters and silhouettes.

34 thoughts on “Idyllic Myrdalsvatnet

  1. I’ve been following your for a while now and can easily see your growth as a photographer.


  2. Love the panorama shot with which you opened the post–it’s gorgeous. I also really like the image with the light coming though the trees. Many of your photos feature a wonderful interplay of light and shadows and it’s one of the ways that I can immediately identify your photos when I see them in my Reader.


      1. I actually googled Norway yesterday! I did leave the west coast and am now in what’s referred to as “the south”. Long story. Norway is sounding better each day!!!!!!


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