The River

During yesterday’s walk along the shoreline of Myrdalsvatnet I crossed over two or three small streams/rivers flowing into the lake.  These are a few shots of one of them…

This is the view upstream from a small wooden footbridge.
The small rapids below the bridge.
A closer view of the rapids.





52 thoughts on “The River

  1. Wonderful images 🙂

    I have a question, OT, when I see other blogs in the reader I get this message when I click on the post “Sorry, this blog only allows us to show the first section of a post. Read Full Post →”

    And I got that message now on your post in the reader. What do I have to do to get these settings in my blog. I’ve noticed that some followers don’t click on “View Original” to see the post.


    1. I have no idea. These new settings appeared the other day. some blogs have this feature some don’t but I couldn’t tell you why. You should try contacting wordpress.


                    1. Hahaha… Thank you for your compliments. I don’t agree with you abour being the most lovely in Sweden though… ;D Hugs and kisses.


      1. But it’s you who handle the camera. Norway is a beautiful country, together with Sweden. 🙂


    1. There’s some kind of ‘strange attractor’ – wee physics joke there – attached to water. The sound of a river over rocks or waves on a shore. I love it 😀


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