Autumn Graveyard

Following last week’s walk around Store Lugegårdsvannet and along Kalfarveien towards the city centre my last stop was the intriguingly named Assistentkirkegård (Assistants Cemetery) situated between Kalfarveien and Bergen rail station.

This quiet spot is a tree-filled area of peace and quiet sunk below the level of the road on one side and sheltered from the rail lines by a stone wall on the other.

A stone cross surmounted by a dove among the autumn leaves.
There are relatively few graves here and parts of the cemetery have the appearance of a park.
The autumn colours in the graveyard were a delight.

Quite a number of the great and good from Bergen’s past are buried here including former mayor Albert Lassen, factory owner Peter Jebsen and famous violinist and composer Ole Bull.

Autumn foliage and graves behind.
Willow trees in the graveyard.
The grave of Ole Bull, violinist and composer.

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17 thoughts on “Autumn Graveyard

  1. Beautiful shots. I especially like the one with the foliage in focus and the unfocused grave in the background. Like most folks, I think that I prefer not to contemplate death directly.


  2. I just love the willow tree, beautiful! Makes me think of “grandmother Willow” in “Pocahontas”-movie.


  3. Beautiful. You know, when I think about it, making graveyards like parks is a fitting thing to do. It’s only right that we honour our dead with the scattered visit to their graves. The problem is that most graveyards are so damn depressing and that’s not the way it shroud be at all. Look–we’ll all check out at some point so why be sad about it? Instead, why not enjoy life–just as you so obviously do–and recall the good times, while ourselves, enjoying a few peaceful moments.


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