Walking Around Store Lungegårdsvannet

Store Lungegårdsvannet is the end of the Puddefjorden which curls round behind the city centre of Bergen and nestles at the foot of Mount Fløyen and Mount Ulriken.  After I had finished taking some shots around Nygårdsparken the other day it was only a short walk to the beginning of the walk around this area starting from the ‘Florida‘ stop on the Bybanen (Light Rail System).

The Florida stop on the Bergen Light Rail outside the High Technology Centre.

From here you walk under the Nygårdsbroen which carries a major motorway over the water towards Danmarksplass and then carry on past the new Main Fire Station and on towards the railway which runs along the foot of the mountains.  This whole part of the walk can be taken on landscaped footpaths which hide the railway to a large extent and which were filled with autumn trees beside the water.

Nygårdsbroen – Nygårds bridge which carries the main road towards Danmarksplass.
The walk takes you past the new Main Fire Station beside the motorway and the fjord.
The landscaped footpath around the head of the Fjord.
The railway runs along behind the footpath at the foot of the mountains.

Coming along to the end of this footpath beside the railway you come to a small marina and some boathouses where you leave the waterside path for a short time before the walk resumes through a more industrial area which is in contrast to the earlier part of the walk.  You then cross the Møllendals River before coming up to the main road through an area of industry and offices from where you can return via the main road to Florida.

Møllendals River from the bridge – an area of new housing and industry.
The main road leading up to Danmarksplass.

A more pleasant route back into the city centre than the second half of this walk is to take the Kalfarveien route which is what I did that day but more of that in the next post.  In the meantime, enjoy some of the views around Store Lungegårdsvannet…

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16 thoughts on “Walking Around Store Lungegårdsvannet

  1. Thank you for taking us on this walk! I’ve lived in this area almost seven years and haven’t walked this part of Bergen yet, but usually comment that I want to when we drive over the bridge to and from Danmarksplass. Seeing your images really took me on your walk! (The new construction next to the Fire Station is the new indoor pool complex.)


    1. Thanks Cindi. I thought that was the new pool but wasn’t sure and didn’t to make more of an arse of myself than usual! 😀 You should take a wander round there -only thirty minutes or so 😀


      1. I have to use crutches, and I live about 45 minutes away now (or, probably about 2 non-direct-route-bus hours), so it has to be timed for when my husband can drop me off AND pick me up somewhere. But it *will* happen eventually! Until then, I’ll just enjoy your photos. 🙂


  2. Fall really suits the place.
    …as does winter, of course.
    …which will be arriving soon. Today Newfoundland gets rain but Labrador gets a pile of snow. I think 25 cm is expected in Goose Bay today.


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