On the other day’s walk around Nygårdsparken in central Bergen, I was really taken with the fantastic red colour I discovered on a bush there.  I’ve no idea what the bush is but the colour was a spectacular red…

Red, Gold and Green.
The leaves on the shrub seen a little closer.
Close up
The red leaves seen close up, revealing their veins.

16 thoughts on “Red

  1. I’ve seen that same colour here and there this week too. Not sure, though, if it’s the same type of plant. At any rate, with the wind and rain that’s beating down outdoors since yesterday I suppose all the leaves will soon be gone from here.


    1. We missed the big storm that came in over England/Benelux/Germany the other week but we’ve had some high winds and many trees are completely bare now – for six months! 😀


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