The Lane

Two versions of the same shot here.  I liked the lines of the stone walls here and the muted colours of early autumn, but I also thought it looked quite nice when converted to B&W…

An early autumn lane.
The same shot in a black and white conversion.



26 thoughts on “The Lane

  1. I like seeing the two different versions of the same photo, though I think that I prefer the color version. The lighter areas of the image seem to have really subtle color variations with fall colors and I hesitate to give up the fall colors, knowing that the grays of winter are just around the corner.


    1. I’m undecided about this one I must admit. I like the small hints of autumn colour but I like the walls in B&W. Guess I’ll just wait for the majority view. Thanks Mike 😀


  2. Fortunately you don’t have to choose! I’m a Pisces so always favour the ‘just have two’ approach. The colour touches a different part of the brain. Humans are not drawn to narrow inescapable places but the leaves and colour actually make this prospect look inviting. The black and white on the other hand is definitely more ‘arty’ and edgy and give the feeling that you would have to be able to walk on water to follow this path!


    1. Thanks Rebecca. I know what you mean about the same but different. That’s what I like about B&W – it changes the simplest of photos into something else entirely 😀


  3. i prefer the coloured one this time, there is a certain quality to the light towards the bend that gets lost in the b/w version.


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