An Old Flame

On a recent return to my home city of Glasgow I was delighted to run into an old flame, but don’t tell Mrs Mjollnir!  The old flame in question was Younger’s Tartan Special – a beer which used to be brewed by William Younger’s Brewery in Edinburgh.  Somehow – a bit like an old flame – it didn’t seem quite the way it used to be, but that could just be nostalgia getting the better of me.  A pint of this at the Aragon in Byres Road, Glasgow was, however, most welcome and it’s good to see this old beer re-launched…

Tartan Special – re-launched.

17 thoughts on “An Old Flame

  1. This sounds like an interesting pint of suds which I would like to try. I am always up to trying different brews. Great shot also.


    1. I’d agree with the first but Grouse – well. For a blend it’s one of the best but gimme a Bunnahabhainn any day – Islay’s finest 😀


      1. PS. Given our joint heritage you could do a lot worse than help yourself to a wee toot of Tobermory. A fine whisky from the ancient homeland of Mull 😀


  2. As a nationalist and a patriot i am sorry to have to say this but there is nothing to touch a really nice pint of cask conditioned English bitter. Scottish keg beer is brewed for those who don’t really like the taste of beer, it is nescafe to proper coffee.


    1. The ‘new’ TS is brewed in England of course – a natural progression since the closure of Fountainbridge brewery and the alamgamation into S&N. it was merely a wee trip down memory lane. I suspect you’ll remember the wee English fisherman in the adverts coming to Scotland and saying ‘Your beer is good!’ Such is life. Transnational trade won’t stop overnight regardless of the bilge fed to us by (and I dread to say this) ‘Bitter Together. lol 😀 PS English Bitter done rightly is a damn fine pint.


      1. The one good thing about Fountainbridge brewery closing is that the weird smell of malty hops ( or whatever that strange smell was) no longer seeps through the air in this neighbourhood of Edinburgh.


  3. I’ll travel (quite a long way) for a pint of Younger’s No. 3, if you come across a barrel of that anywhere…although bound to taste different to my 20 yo memory.


  4. No such thing as a bad beer 🙂 Besides, after the first one, how can you tell?
    That reminds me of the time I asked my buddy Ken Penney what was his favourite beer. His answer? “The eighth one.” 🙂


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