Birdlife of Linlithgow

As well as taking in the sights of Linlithgow Palace during my recent trip home to Scotland, I also took a wander down by Linlithgow Loch which is renowned for its flocks of almost tame swans and geese.  Whilst there I managed to get some shots of these and a couple of other species…

A wider view of the loch with several species in view.
Looking through the willow branches with a mallard drake and some herring gulls on view.
A tufted duck with its distinctive crest and remarkable golden eyes.
One of the loch’s flock of Emden Geese.
A closer view of one of the Emden Geese.
A young Mute Swan at the water’s edge.
An adult and a young Mute Swan preening.
A beautifully white adult Mute Swan.








16 thoughts on “Birdlife of Linlithgow

  1. Wonderful shots of some beautiful birds. I love the shot of the tufted duck, which looks a lot like the ring-necked duck that I recently photographed, and the shots of the mute swans. The swans seem mysterious and a little ethereal–your images leave me speechless.


  2. Are those Emden Geese domesticated ones that got loose or are they a wildlife species? For some reason, I seem to remember reading that people raise that breed, too. Our ponds over here often have a mix of wild birds and escapees.


  3. I imagine they’ll stay on for the whole winter. Several lakes and ponds in the city are now home to a few swans. They stay. I find it particularly interesting how the docks have all tamed down and stay on too. When I was a kid ducks knew better than to hang around Newfoundanders 🙂 Geese too! Not any more, though.


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