Scotland Trip Day 1: Edinburgh

Our flight to Edinburgh left Bergen in the evening so we decided to spend the first night of the trip in Scotland’s capital city and travel through to Glasgow the following day.

We arrived at our hotel in the city’s famous Princes Street in the shadow of the castle around 8.30 and I grabbed a couple of photos of the landmarks before we headed out.

Princes Street
The view along Edinburgh’s famous thoroughfare, Princes Street.
The world-famous Edinburgh Castle perched on a volcanic crag high above Princes Street and its gardens.


After we met up outside the hotel we headed for the Oxford Bar in Young Street just five minutes walk away.  Mrs Mjollnir is a big fan of Scottish author Ian Rankin‘s Inspector Rebus crime novels and the TV series starring John Hannah and Ken Stott and this bar is Rebus’ favourite watering hole.

The Oxford Bar in Edinburgh’s Young Street.


The pub itself is a small, old fashioned but decidedly convivial place and we enjoyed a couple of traditional Scottish beers there with me having some very nice India Pale Ales.

The main bar area of the Oxford with its Robert Burns picture and above the books in the background a copy of the Declaration of Arbroath – Scotland’s successful petition for papal recognition in 1320 after years of war with England.

Whilst there we had the good fortune to bump into famous Scottish actor and director David Hayman who has starred in another crime series in recent years ‘Trial and Retribution’ which we have seen sporadically in Norway.  Unlike a couple of other celebrities I’ve bumped into in the past David could not have been nicer.  He had plenty of time to discuss his work and seemed genuinely interested in the fact we’d come from Norway mentioning that he’d been to Bergen.  He came across as a genuinely nice guy and was only too happy to pose for a couple of snaps and have a conversation with us so kudos to David Hayman.

David Hayman
David Hayman with Mrs Mjollnir outside the Oxford.

Having said our goodbyes we headed down to Rose Street famous for having loads of pubs along its length – it would be an achievement to have a drink in every one and still be capable of speech at the end of it!


Since we wanted something to eat we headed into a pub called the Standing Order in a small alley just off Rose Street which we knew would serve some decent food and had a few drinks in there before heading back to the hotel rounding off a pleasant night in Edinburgh.

The Standing Order, just off Rose Street.
The interior of the pub which used to be bank.




18 thoughts on “Scotland Trip Day 1: Edinburgh

  1. You seem to have had a good night out. It’s nice to find out that David Hayman is a pleasant chap as well as a terrific actor.

    You make the bars look very attractive.


    1. We had a very nice night and David Hayman was just like any regular down-to-earth kinda guy. Not a hint of ego about the man and he certainly is a great actor (and director).


  2. Wonderful photos of Edinburgh at night. My Aussie husband spent several years doing his post-grad study at the Uni of Edinburgh. He loved the place. One day I hope we will return so I can take a look around Scotland.


  3. Scotland is among my favourite places to visit (we have been 3 times but haven’t yet found the occasion to go since we have moved to Paris) and I am also a big fan of the Rebus series…Nice pictures (Suzanne)


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