Krokatjørna’s Dragon

I was recently talking with fellow blogger Mike Powell ( about the abundance of dragonflies he has over in Virginia even this late in the year so I was a bit surprised to find several of them still out and about here in Norway.  One was obliging enough to allow me close enough to get a couple of decent shots near Krokatjørna lake in Kanadaskogen last week.  No idea what species this is but hopefully someone can enlighten me…

A black dragonfly and its lace-like wings.
The dragonfly was almost hidden among the grasses and heather.



20 thoughts on “Krokatjørna’s Dragon

  1. Thanks for the mention. Your dragonfly shots are wonderful and are of a type that I have never seen before. I did a little searching and didn’t find your dragonfly, but was intrigued to find that the Norwegian word for dragonfly is Øyenstikker, which means eye-poker.


  2. What a wonderful shot. It’s usually hard for me to get up this close to dragonflies….I love the shimmering lace wings. I’ve never seen a black one like this though….perhaps it’s native to Norway?


  3. Great shot. I would never have thought they would be around at this time of year in Norway. The different species are obviously a lot hardier and adaptive than I thought.


  4. Couldn’t find anything useful about a Norwegian black dragon fly (I’ve never seen one like this before) except for a yacht called the Black Dragon Fly skippered by a young Norwegian!


    1. Ha ha! Had a wee check today but I couldn’t make a definitive identification. There were some others around the same so it’s not (probably) some mutation. Hopefully someone will know 😀


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