Colours of Sælevatnet

Some of the shots I managed to capture on the return from my trip to Straume and Sælevatnet after the sun had risen…

The boathouse at the end of the lake.
Some of the autumn colours by Sælevatnet.
Autumn trees march down to the lake.
Early morning mist behind the lake.
A slight frost on a meadow near Sælevatnet.
The sun rises over a stream which runs into the lake.







26 thoughts on “Colours of Sælevatnet

  1. Wow. Your photographs always “get me.” I am especially drawn to the first, with the calm water reflection and splash of red from the cabin. You can even see the moss on the roof!


  2. Absolutely breathtaking!! I love all the pictures, but I especially like the early morning mist you captured – I can feel the chill in the air.


    1. It wasn’t that cold what picture was taken although it was a bit chilly earlier! Thank you very much for your comments and watch oot the mist disnae get ye! 😀


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