Perfect Autumn Morning

Following my walk down to Sælevatnet near the house yesterday,  I carried on down past the lake to the fjord at Straume where I found a perfectly flat sea just as the sun rose properly above the hills and a few high, white clouds dotted a beautiful blue sky…

A perfect flat calm on a sunny October morning.
Some of the boats moored at Straume.
The surface of the fjord is like a mirror.
The worst place in the world to have a house – NOT!
Blue sky reflected in the water.
A small boat floats motionless in a mirror-like fjord.
A perfect October morning.







14 thoughts on “Perfect Autumn Morning

  1. I love the reflections in all of the shots, especially the first one, which has a really soothing, peaceful feel to it. The simple elements of nature play the dominant role in that first image–the sky, the water, the clouds, and the trees–and man-made objects play a secondary role.


    1. Aha! Now you’re in the lead. We’re sitting here with the same conditions again today – 19C on the balcony this afternoon, but of course it won’t last and we’re off to Scotland on Tuesday so it’ll be raining doubtless. Glasgow is Scotland’s answer to Bergen!


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