A Look Back to the Gardens of Athens

As I look out the window today in Bergen all I can see is grey cloud and falling rain.  So no going out with the camera today unless it clears up dramatically later.  With that in mind it was back into the archives for a retrospective of summer and our short time in Greece.

When wandering around in Athens we were at the hottest part of the day in the early afternoon having done our sightseeing duty at the Acropolis, so we were very glad to be able to wander through the relatively cool expanses of the National Gardens not far from the Acropolis and a stone’s throw away from the Greek Parliament and Syntagma Square, scene of the recent civil unrest.  An oasis of calm and coolness…

The canopy of leaves in the National Gardens provided some much-needed shade.
Walking in the shadows was a delight in the middle of the day.
The huge array of trees and other plants was a constant source of joy.
This fountain and its cooling waters were a welcome sight.

8 thoughts on “A Look Back to the Gardens of Athens

    1. Well, we barely saw a cloud in all our time in the Balkans and nary a breath of wind but that was August I suppose. Glad you had a great holiday though 😀


  1. We were there too just a few weeks ago. We took refuge in the shade of these beautiful gardens just like you, as the afternoon heat was unbearable and very draining! Did you see the tortoises wandering freely around?


    1. I generally tried to take refuge in a large glass of Mythos but Mrs M was all ‘wifey’ about that! We didn’t see any tortoises there but it’s a big place and we did see a wild one at Kalambaka 😀


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