Curiosity at Tveitevannet

Not content with having a giant white fibreglass rabbit ( beside one of the lakes here, the people of Bergen also have this little curiosity to contend with in the waters of Tveitevannet.  I suppose it’s art…

A giant urn sits in the lake.
Urn with a view.

15 thoughts on “Curiosity at Tveitevannet

  1. It’s crazy, but still attractive in a strange sort of way. At least you have been spared the nonsense that we get here ‘Down Under’ with our two storey pineapple, the big bannana and the giant red prawn, sitting menacingly atop a large seafood store. I’ll take the big urn any day.


  2. Very cool… I think I like the first shot best … the house/building in the second shot is a little distracting …

    It’s kind of a cool, yet interesting, place to put a vase … gives you a little something to contemplate, I suppose….


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