Reprise (a wee keek at a wee kirk)…

Having visited one of the most interesting and picturesque places in all of Bergen last Monday I am left with no choice but to pay a visit there again due to the infdifference of the Gods (whichever one of that sorry crew is yours!) and the poor weather.

We have actually had a bit of sunshine over the last few days but I’ve been working f/t during the daylight hours so I have to give you a taste of the same old places even though they ain’t so bad…

An HDR version of the stave church at Fantoft.
Big trees
Big trees, wee Kirk!
For all you Scandos (and the Dutch – kijk – and possibly any other Germanic speaking peoples) here’s a wee Keek!

19 thoughts on “Reprise (a wee keek at a wee kirk)…

  1. Thank you for the second installment. I googled the building after the first and was quite intrigued, especially by the circumstances of the demise of the first (transplanted) version. I may have to visit Norway one of these days. Maybe for the very nice salaries *assuming I could find someone silly enough to hire me) but more likely for the intriguing similarities.
    In other news, Statoil just found another shitload of oil just off our coast. The biggest find they ever made outside Norway…


    1. The Statoil thing was big news here of course and that’s a lot of tax dollars for NL I suppose. As for visiting Norway, I would strongly recommend it (but then I would!). Norway does not disappoint and you would indeed notice many similarities but you’d also be ‘abroad’ where folk talk funny and do bizarre things like eat cheese and jam sandwiches! Bring it on I say 😀


  2. Not that I’m aware of Mark, although I think it should be. It has been the subject of at least one documentary about the Black Metal/Anti-Christian burning of churches that happened a few years ago in Norway. 😀


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