By the shores of Tveitevannet

After Monday’s trip to Fantoft to see the Sky Dragons I decided to break the journey on the way home and take a wander round the lake in the Sletten district of Bergen.  Tveitevannet lies in the main valley between the mountains of Løvstakken and Ulriken and despite being completely surrounded by residential areas provided some good photo opportunities…

The view cross the lake towards the mountains with some Autumn colours in the foreground.
A small jetty with the slopes of Løvstakken rising in the background.
Looking in the other direction as some weather approaches.
Trees beginning to shift into their Autumn garb below Ulriken.

6 thoughts on “By the shores of Tveitevannet

    1. No, I refuse to believe that! Not a day goes by but that I don’t believe that – OK I’m lyin’ – thanks for the compliments 😀 Tahrta, you are lovely! 😀 xxxx


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