27 thoughts on “Sunset

        1. Oh Feck! Still that bad? I balme Matheson and his clique o’ deniers. I don’t do coffee, but a pint or ten in the Horseshoe is obligatory every time I’m in he auld toon. Will be there on Oct 16th prob wearing some inflammatory T-shirt and shooting ma gob off aboot the referendum! I’ll have an IPA 😀


            1. Not me, I never touch extra ‘E’s. Nae e in whisky my beautiful petal – at least not in the land of misty glens and beautiful little English roses! 😉 xxxx


                1. You are always right to me darling and I blame those loony Americans for the appalling spelling, although even at my advanced years an E or ten is sometimes called for (although to be honest I’m more of an old mushie freak!). Greetings to the most beautiful maiden of dear old England (and Alex Salmond for president of the Universe! lol :-D).


  1. Lovely…and the sun is going down here now. Not as beautiful, though–overcast. On the bright side its been around 19 all day and now all of the main floor windows are installed. Still looks kind of rough on the inside, though.


    1. Aha. That’ll teach you to get all ‘retired’ Maurice. Next thing you know the kids’ll have you decorating their hooses and looking after the ankle-biters and then you’ll wonder where it all went. When I retire I wanna be the one sitting in the corner at the pub ‘entertaining’ all the snappers of whips with my tales of derring-do and discovering King Putin’s salt mines and all that good stuff – all the while downing Bunnahabhainn and telling the wife I’ll be home in ‘five minutes’! When I move back to Scotland with my gigantic Norwegian pension I shall be Magnus the Pished, teller of tall tales and friend of a window fitter! 😀


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