16 thoughts on “Sundown at Meteora

      1. It’s been good so far. The past few days the temperature dropped back. Today it stayed at around 13 but the sun was out and hardy any wind at all. My friend is now home from work and I expect we will go to work and install a couple of windows before dark.. Hopefully. Maybe the kitchen and bathroom. We’ll do a few more tomorrow and might tackle the worst of it–the front of the house–on Monday. Only problem is that the weather guy is calling for Bergen weather here starring some time Monday and lasting through the week. Won’t be ding windows in the rain.
        …will probably start looking for work. That’s enough of this retirement crap!


              1. Good news bad news…
                Good news: got the kitchen and bathroom windows installed.
                Bad news: noticed that water has been getting down the insde of the wall beneath the bathroom window (it’s in the shower) so I’ll have to pull down a section of the wall and redo it. It’s done with ceramic tile so I’ll have to take them off one by one and try not to break them. I figure it’s an extra days work but it should only take my labour as I have some extra gyproc for the wall and can hopefully reuse the tiles.
                Hoping to get at least one of the two large front windows in tomorrow.


  1. These shots are absolutely stunning. I especially like the final two images, with the multiple rows of mountains, each a slightly different shade. The light really looks magical.


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