Evening at Langavatnet

Yesterday evening, a dull and somewhat wet day had brightened up a little, so I took a bus out to the Åsane area on the outskirts of the city and took a walk by the shores of Langavatnet.  This is a lake that sits at the foot of some hills behind an area of industrial and commercial properties but could be miles out in the countryside.  Small farms cultivate the land at the foot of the hills by the lake and the city is mainly hidden by hills and forests…

Walking by the lake under a dramatic sky.
Climbing up behind one of the small farms.
The old post-road climbs up behind the lake.
A wider view from just off the post-road.
A horse grazed quite contentedly as I clambered about on the hillside for these shots.
Still more interested in the grass.
Rowan berries on the left herald the onset of Autumn but the leaves on the tree to the right are still very green.
Coming back down towards Langavatnet as the evening deepens.









16 thoughts on “Evening at Langavatnet

  1. Looking at your lovely pictures, I’m very tempted to take your advice and move but then I remember the long winter nights. They are bad enough here.


  2. The landscape is beautiful, but I was especially drawn to the changing skies in your shots. The interplay of the light and the clouds added a lot of interest and drama to your images.


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