Days Gone By

Walking down by the Bryggen the other day taking some shots of the Bergen Food Festival I noticed a two-masted wooden boat lying tied up amongst all the gleaming white fibreglass, plastic and chrome of its more modern counterparts.  It stood out like a sore thumb, and not in a bad way, against the uniformity of the modern craft surrounding it, like a memory of days gone by…

The wooden boat moored at Vågen.
Furled sails and an old wooden wheel.
A closer view of the wheel, rigging and coiled ropes.
Cleats and rigging.
The beautiful grain of the wood in the masts.
The view from beside the bow.
Captain Pugwash enjoys a cigarette!








23 thoughts on “Days Gone By

  1. Love the way you have photographed the boats.
    Very personal and you have managed to photograph them as individuals.
    And of course I love it in this beautiful b&w – and I must say, I love the Captain.



    1. Thank you very much Tootle. They’re all shot in colour and when I see them full size on the computer I can decide how to edit them and/or convert to B&W 😀


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