Fifty Shades of Dreich

Dreich: adjective  Scottish (especially of weather) dreary; bleak (Oxford Dictionary).  The weather today in Breistein during a boring day at work…

Gey dreich at Breistein.
Dark clouds over the hills.
Across the fjord towards Hvalestrand.
Hvalestrand on Osterøy under a dark sky.

16 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Dreich

      1. It took you this long to figure it out 🙂
        There’s a reason for it. Southern Harbour (the p;ace from my recent few posts) is located on a narrow isthmus between two bays. Placentia Bay (where it is located) faces south and Trinity Bay, at the other side of the isthmus faces the opposite direction. Typically the water in Trinity bay is a few degrees colder than those of Placentia Bay. Overall this gives a very mild climate with very little snow in winter. In the spring and early summer, though, get a LOT of fog and I do mean a lot. I got well used to it growing up and actually like it in its own way. Beneficial vapors. Your pictures took me back to foggy days at home.
        But, yes I am peculiar and rather contrary — once something becomes popular I suddenly start hating it. Holds for cars, teams, music and movies.
        Heading out now with OH. Going to drink Keiths India Pale Ale (from Nova Scotia) and play guitar in a friend’s shed.


        1. Lol. You play a lot of shed gigs then? 😀 The Pale Ale sounds good though. I like a nice pint of IPA now and again. Will be having plenty of them in about five weeks time 😀


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