Balkans Day 16: Athens to Bergen

With some time still on our hands before our early afternoon  flight from Athens to Copenhagen we took a breakfast in our hotel and then wandered up through the streets nearby to the Areos Park (Pedion tou Areos – Field of Mars).

This large, recently renovated park is one of the largest in the city and was a pleasant enough place to spend an hour or so before going back to the hotel, doing our last bit of packing and taking a taxi to Syntagma Square where we had a cup of tea before boarding the airport bus.

Walking through the streets near the hotel.
A huge statue of King Constantine I greets you at the main entrance to the park.
Some of the lovely flowers and pines trees in the Areos Park.
This gentleman is one of the more obvious symptoms of Greece’s recent economic problems.
One of the many statues and memorials in the park.
Another of the park’s statues.

So we ended our Balkan adventure in another featureless airport ready to return to rainy Bergen but what a time we’d had.  A lifetime of memories, more photographs than is healthy and one of the most fantastic holidays we’ve ever had or are ever likely to have.  With that it was goodbye to the Balkans – to Greece, to Albania and to Kosova.  Now we only have to think of something to top it next year.

Goodbye Kosova.
Goodbye Albania.
Goodbye Greece.

15 thoughts on “Balkans Day 16: Athens to Bergen

  1. Fantastic. Lots of great memories and pictures! This was so fun. You would be great as a tour guide! Thank you for sharing you and your wife’s vacation with us all! ❁


  2. It’s been great to follow your adventure, especially when we shared much of the similar route. I am in Naxos now, and will arrive in Santorini for 2 nights tomorrow, follw by Athens, from where I fly home. Thanks for blogging! 🙂


  3. That was wicked! Beats the hell out of any ‘canned’ vacation package. I can honestly say that I, too, would have thoroughly enjoyed it too and there’s not a shred of envy there…but my bucket list just got a bit longer, for sure.


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