Bergen University Museum

The Bergen University Museum was founded in 1825 as the Bergens Museum and has subsequently become part of the University in the city.  It is divided nowadays into two main sections: natural history and cultural history.  While the museum is interesting enough on the inside I find its architecture on a late summer’s evening to be of more interest than its contents and its small but beautiful gardens are a delight to behold during the all-too-brief Norwegian summer.  More of the gardens in the next post…

One of the streets near the Museum in the late August sunlight.
The rear of the museum’s main building is more interesting than the rather boring front.
The windows are a delightful compliment to the curves of the body of the building itself.
Under one end of the main building one finds this delightful arched walkway.
I was fascinated by the way the arches framed the gardens beyond.
One of the arches frames the ponds and trees of the gardens







18 thoughts on “Bergen University Museum

    1. Thanks very much Mike. These were shot the same day as the pics from the park and if I’d been there an hour or so earlier I’d”ve got some really good shadows and reflections, but maybe next time… 😀


  1. Bergens is a beautiful city, I haven’t been there since 2005… I hope to visit Bergen in the future again. I miss “Madam Bergen” (don’t know if you have been there and tasted the “fish cakes”, don’t know the english name for it (fiskekaker in norweigan).

    Nice picures!


    1. Thanks Malin. Don’t tell Mrs M you’re coming to Bergen she’ll only get jealous! lol Fiskekaker (er, fish cakes in English) – can’t stand them! 😀


      1. She don’t have to be jealous ;D Nothing to be jealous about.

        Oh, I just love them! The fish cakes. 😀


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