A Parisian Horror Show

For all that Paris has to offer in terms of beauty there is always a downside.  In this case it is the horrific eyesore that is the Centre Georges PompidouLe Figaro said of the building “Paris has its own monster, just like the one in Loch Ness,” however this is grossly unfair to Nessie!  Hideous doesn’t begin to describe this monstrosity…

The Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris’ eyesore.
Like giving a meccano set to a sociopathic, malicious child.
No matter the viewing angle this thing continues to offend.
A migraine inducing nightmare.
The ghastliness seemingly knows no bounds.

25 thoughts on “A Parisian Horror Show

    1. Cool! I’m glad you disagree ‘cos I’m pretty sure the architects and those who sanctioned the building knew it would be very controversial. Some will like it, some like me will hate it. Mission accomplished! 😀


  1. hehe, i totally disagree with you, man, on every line & pic caption 🙂 i consider it a masterpiece of contemporary architecture, actually of contemporary art, an open womb on display that contains and feeds more art to come. it lives far more than the old roman stones that rot in rome. it talks of future, not of past 😉


    1. Great! Disagreement, controversy, variant points of view are all good things. As I said in my answer to Animalcouriers it was always going to be controversial and that’s a great thing 😀


  2. Looks like something around the time period of doom and destruction. I’m all for art, but this would make me cry if I lived across the street from it. Interesting to see though. Thanks for sharing.


    1. ‘Brazil’ yeah. It’s just so weird that it’s sometimes difficult to understand what were the thought processes behind it. It took guts to design and build the thing I suppose 😀


  3. What a coincidence, I was just listening to a documentary on the radio yesterday about the architect who designed this, and who also was one of the architects who designed the Sydney Opera House – a bit of a different theme, but interesting and ‘sit up and take notice’ design!


  4. I failed to see this while in Paris, but will make an attempt to do so when I come again. Watched a documentary about Richard Rogers (the architect) and I am actually quite a fan of this building. He designed the ultra modern Lloyds building in the heart of London city, but London being London, this sort of juxtaposition work. Will love to see how it stands out in the context of Paris!


    1. I would definitely advise you to go and see it. Just because I hate it doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy seeing it if only because it is so controversial 😀


  5. Maybe it could be given the Parrot Cage treatment and be covered with an enormous sheet then at least it would be hidden at night and with coloured lights inside it could be treated as a humongus Art Installation.


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