Paris in HDR

Sacre Coeur
Sacre Coeur on a sunny and cloudy day.
Graffiti trucks HDR
Graffiti Trucks in Montmartre.
View from the Pantheon
The view from the Pantheon towards the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Eiffel Tower.
Trocadero HDR
The tower from the Trocadero.




18 thoughts on “Paris in HDR

    1. Well most of the time we were there it was pretty cloudy so that helps but the HDR kind of exaggerates the contrast in an image or series of images stitched together to get that more ‘painterly’ effect. Quite useful for architectural shots or those with already dramatic skies. Check out Machinery HDR Effects if you want to try it. Have fun 😀


  1. I know all these spots so well… I used to live in Paris for about 8 years! 🙂
    Warm greetings from Toulouse – the European capital of space and aviation, excellent food and wines… 🙂 My very best and tons of inspiration… cheers! Mélanie


  2. Cool use of HDR. I really like the shot from the Pantheon, with the converging lines of the buildings leading to the Eiffel Tower and some awesome, foreboding gray clouds.


  3. Brilliant photography… just discovered your blog through a post on Jorunn’s facebook page.
    Wee christophe


    1. Aha! Goeden avond Wee C. Don’t talk about the football! Glad you liked the photos. Off to Glasgow in about five weeks so I’ll try to get some good pub photos! How’s life? 😀


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