Summer Flowers

As usual I’ve no idea what these flowers are but the colours and shapes just cry out to be photographed…

Bright yellow blooms in the sun.
A multi-petalled white flower.
Is it pink or purple?
Purple and white
Alternate purple and white on these interesting blooms.







16 thoughts on “Summer Flowers

  1. only know one of them (last ones in this post) and that is lupin in swedish. Like the shape and colors too. Thats whats counts. 🙂


      1. You’re welcome. 😉
        Maybe you should buy a macro lens (close up lens) if you like photgraphing flowers. I promise, it’s a whole new world that opens. But maybe you already have a macro lens?


        1. I will get some more lenses in time but they’re not the cheapest things on earth so they’ll have to wait until this year’s travels are over. 😀


  2. Be wary if a macro lens. I have followed blogs of people who have got macro lenses and have never taken a picture of anything further then 2cm away from their lens afterwards. They seem to be highly addictive.


  3. I love my macro lens, but one of the things I like best about your flower photos is that you don’t have one. I have a tendency to want to go in so close for the details that I don’t often capture images like your first one, showing multiple blooms, or your final shot, with the beautiful purple and white columns of flowers, with nicely blurred ones in the foreground and background.


    1. Cheers Mike. I’ve only had a decent camera for about eight months now and only have the 18-55mm kit lens but ‘she who must be obeyed’ is aware of my frustrations with the limitations this imposes so who knows?


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