Bergen has been experiencing something of a heatwave over the last few days.  Following on from a few weeks of relatively mixed weather the recent spell has been very welcome although in true northern style many are complaining about it being too warm.  As I write this at roughly 20:30 the temperature is still up at 27.8C (82F) so it’s still a lovely warm night.

For those who have heard of Bergen’s reputation for rain and who have arrived on the numerous cruise ships which call at the city it must be a bit confusing.  “We went out and bought all this wet weather gear for Bergen, then  it’s like the Bahamas!”

Anyway, the following are a few shots I took yesterday on a brief visit to the city centre on some holiday preparation business (Mrs Mjollnir had to buy stuff!) and it’s always a pleasure to showcase Bergen in the brilliant sunshine…

The crowded Bergen harbour including a number of cruise ships.
The ridiculous smiley livery of the Aida Sol berthed in Bergen yesterday.
Sunlight bathes the colourful buildings of a surprisingly quiet Kong Oscars Gate.
Hollander Gate
Most tourists congregate round the Bryggen and the fish market but the quaint streets near the harbour such as Hollender Gate can be just as charming.
Sun and shadow
Looking the other way along Hollender Gate in the sunshine.
A rarely seen view of Bergen at the seafront near Sandviken.
Fish market
Tourists throng the fish market beside the harbour.
Masses of people dressed for the sun gather round the souvenir stalls on the other side of the street.

26 thoughts on “Heatwave

  1. I’m always struck by how often our weather patterns coincide. We’re getting much the same. Last night I was out until around 23:30 or reading in my backyard. When I went in it was still 24 degrees. Lovely! I had to drive son #3 home from work at 22:30 and so, was unable to have any of the lovely beer I was craving. When I got home around11PM I judged it too late and just read a while before going in. Just as well. At around 1:30 AM, “Other Half” who had gone down to George Street with some of her friends (someone’s Bachelorette party–I don’t ask questions) called looking for a ride home. When I got down there, around 2AM the place was still hopping–as it generally is on Saturday night. Still lovely, lively and warm.
    Also saw quite a few more constabulary than usual–to be expected given the number of drunks out walking around 🙂
    I kind of wanted to be one of them…


    1. Ha! I’ll drink to that Maurice! I’ve just (about 4 hours ago) finished my last shift before the great Balkan adventure and I’m sitting here on a warm (26C) evening and enjoying some of Denmark’s rather enjoyable Tuborg Pils. The bus journey home this evening was quite enjoyable as several of the local youth and young adults were obviously going out on the town after some Norwegian ‘foreplay’ (drinking at home before heading into town) so I’d say the Bergen Politi could be busy tonight! Aww, bless. Me? I’ll just sit here and get chilled before Balkan uproar ensues! 😀


        1. What? Pics of me half pished on the balcony tonight? lol 😀 I suspect of course you mean the Balkan trip. Needless to say a spare memory card was purchased yesterday (for the camera – not my geriatric brain!) so expect to be deluged when we return! 😀


              1. Me poor old brain is too addled from the heat. Just said to OH that we should go somewhere and pay far too much for something with a bit of alcohol in it. Think I will…


        1. Everything – although wages are far higher than the UK too. If you could buy a pint (the usual measure is 400ml) it’d be about £10! :-S


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