Back in Time

Going through the archives searching for some photos completely unrelated to this post I came across these shots I took back on a very cold but sunny day in March this year.  They were taken at Garnes Railway Museum situated on the Sørfjord near Arna.  The museum is open from June to September and features the restored Garnes station which was part of the BergenOslo mainline until the construction of the Ulriken tunnel in 1964 which made this section redundant.  Trips from Garnes to Midtun (near Nesttun on the outskirts of the city – 18km) aboard the old teak panelled carriages pulled by a 1913 type 18 steam locomotive operate during these summer months but in March it was a quite eerily quiet place and I felt the antique nature of the rolling stock and the deserted site deserved to be redone in B&W…

Some of the old teak-panelled carriages at Garnes station.
More of the rolling stock covered in tarpaulins to ward off the worst of the winter weather.
An antique dining-carriage in a siding with Sørfjorden in the background.
For some reason this shot reminds me of the set of a Spaghetti Western. Not quite what you would expect in Norway!




19 thoughts on “Back in Time

  1. These are great. Yes looks like something from an old time movie. I’ve always wanted to take an old rail-car and set it on my property. Many uses! Meditation/yoga, office, a nice place to read…


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