Mountain Hiking in Bergen

With glorious sunshine, warm temperatures well up into twenties centigrade and Mrs Mjollnir and I both having the day off yesterday what better way to spend the day than hiking over the mountains surrounding the city?  We set off in the late morning and took the cable-car up to  summit of Ulriken, the highest of the peaks surrounding Bergen at 643m (2,110 ft), and were treated to some fantastic views right from the start of our trip.

The view from Ulriken over a mountain-top lake towards distant mountains looming over the haze.
Looking towards Rundemannen on the far side the valley containing Svartediket reservoir which lies between Ulriken and Fløyen.

Our route took us from Ulriken’s peak to the Vidden ridge running along behind Svartediket reservoir, far to the right out of the picture above, before ascending to the summit of Rundemannen which is marked by the tower in the photo above.  The final leg led from Rundemannen to the more familiar sights of Mount Fløyen.

A line of cairns marks the top of each rise along the Vidden ridge so getting lost is almost impossible.
Some people were more relaxed than others during the hike.
The higher areas around Bergen are dotted with beautiful mountain-top tarns.
This shot from the ridge shows a glimpse of the city through the gap between the two arms of the valley.
Svartediket reservoir lies in the valley below with the city and Løvstakken in the distance.
Looking back the way we had come with a chain of cairns and a snake of hikers making their way along Vidden.
One of the many shacks (hytter in Norwegian) which dot the landscape up here.

Coming along to the end of the Vidden ridge we made our way down a fairly arduous slope towards a small valley before going round the side of a small peak and making our way up to the summit of Rundemannen.

Some of our fellow hikers taking a well-earned break after coming down the slope behind from Vidden.
The way towards Rundemannen leads round a small peak and gives way to superb views out over Jordal below.
The view from Rundemannen back over the valley towards Ulriken and the start of our hike.
The journey down from Rundemannen to Fløyen gave us some spectacular views over the Bergen Fjord in the late afternoon sunshine.
After a fantastic but tiring day’s hiking this was our very well-deserved reward!

37 thoughts on “Mountain Hiking in Bergen

  1. Wow! The photos and the scenery are amazing. The combination of mountains, water, and blue skies gave you stunning images. I especially love the shots with the haze in the mountains in the distance (like the first one, as well as several others).


    1. It was just a fantastic day Mike, and a fantastic hike. A bit arduous for an out-of-shape old fart like me but great nonetheless. My fave photo is the last one!!!! 😀


  2. Amazing–especially the last image. Once again I’m very much reminded of home. That land looks a lot like the Bay D’Espoir region on the south coast of Newfoundland.


  3. Yeah, I thought most of it would look similar to your neck of the woods Maurice. Off to the Balkans a week today so that may be a little different! 😀


  4. What a wonderful way to spend a day. I can smell the clean, fresh air. Great shots of beautiful scenery, especially like the one before your “reward.”


  5. Beautiful pictures. I should post my pictures too. Climbing Mt Ulriken actually was the first thing we did when we arrived in Bergen.
    I liked the view over the city up the hill with the floyen bahn much better though!


    1. It’s only a couple of thousand feet up (there are a couple of trees in some of the photos) but I think the main reason for the lack of trees is exposure to winds up on the ridge. What trees are up there are in more sheltered parts. Cheers Annie 😀


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