Still Life with Boozy Bag Lady

In the absence of anything like approaching good weather over the last couple of days, it’s back into the archives for a couple of the sillier shots from Paris.  The stunning still life is a cake and bottle of plonk about a yard/metre from the River Seine one afternoon followed by a shot of a rather inebriated old woman who just couldn’t say no!

Still life
Tartelette and plonk.
Edna, the inebriated woman!


18 thoughts on “Still Life with Boozy Bag Lady

    1. Well, this may well be my last post after she reads this. We just decided to share a bottle of plonk down by the Seine. Calling her a ‘boozy bag lady’ may well signal the end of my life. Pat Hayes was indeed a lovely lady though! 😀


          1. Ah, a Mortimer fan … I must admit, I’ve been rather fond of ol’ Rumpole for a few decades now…

            Mrs Mjollnir looks like my kind of person … swigging the wine right out of the bottle… good times!


              1. When she starts passing around the bottle of Scotch to swig out of, let me know… I’ll be right over… I mean, really…why dirty a glass? 🙂


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