Weekly Photo Challenge: Golden Hour

These shots were all taken on the same evening back in Mach this year and although some have been published before I felt they met this challenge quite well.  It was a very cold day and we went for a walk just in that last hour before the sun went down – the Golden Hour…

Sælevatnet houses at sundown.
The view across the frozen lake.
Trees by the lake glow in the golden light.
Løvstakken just before the light fades.




35 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Golden Hour

            1. Aye, here’s some of the finest from oor wee corner of the world. ‘A Fisherman’s Sond for Attracring Seals!’. Then after that it’s ‘Canadian Club on the Rocks!’ Poor wee fluffy bastards. Awwwww! Yuk yuk 😀


    1. Sorry sweetness, I just realised I sent a reply to you that was actually in response to Twoscamps, below. Apologies, oh gorgeous Blossom! 😀


          1. Total innocence here…as innocent as the first budding blossoms. Okay, that sounds just TOO goofy now. And someone posted a comment on my latest photo about “lingerie”…where the heck did that come from??? I’m really not a “loose woman”…I’m really not. It’s just the way the blossoming photos look…sometimes…not my fault. Total innocence. Mrs. Mjollnir doesn’t need to worry about a thing. I know all about your devotion and love for that lucky woman. 🙂


            1. Ahem!… lingerie eh? *Coughs slightly and changes the subject delicately* Hahahahhaha. I adore ‘she who demands adoration 24/7 or else.’ What choice does one have when one is in love? Anyway my number is 0047 AAAAARGH! lol 😀


              1. Lol! I envy your love…stay there, in love, you’re very fortunate. Have a good night my friend (it’s night there, right?)…it’s only 1:00 PM here. Anyway, have a good night.


                1. He he he! Snigger like Muttley! Yes petal, it’s now 10:03 pm over here in sunlit Norskieland (where the Trollwomen live and terrorise poor innocent wee Scotsmen (yeah, right!)). Have a great afternoon and keep radiating 😀


  1. You’ve captured that feeling of “just before the light fades” beautifully! Is Sælevatnet the name of this little town?


    1. Vatnet (or vannet) = water. Lakes, or sometimes inlets of the sea, are known as xxx vannet/vatnet. The houses are part of the Bergen suburb of Fyllingsdalen where I live (the literal translation of Fyllingsdalen is the somewhat unpoetic ‘valley of the dump’! Sounds a bit better in Norwegian I think). 😀


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